Financial Independence

Commonwealth Associate Program


Join the successful team of associates who are helping others achieve Financial Independence while earning top remuneration.

"Financial Independence" - the Book - has made a lot of people rich. This unique book offers an easy to follow plan to success. If you like the information in the book, why not share it with others while earning top dollars.

The plan works as follows:


As a Financial Independence  Commonwealth Associate you can promote and sell the book for the discounted rate of $19. Your commission is a high 50%. You receive $9.50 for each book sold. You can sell the book to your family members, work associates, friends, neighbors, local businesses, etc...Work part time and receive full time pay. Associates are selling on average four copies an hour by selling Financial Independence in their neighborhood.

If you dedicate three or four hours a day, you will earn in excess of $700 a week working five days a week. You can obviously work less or more hours to suit your schedule and your needs. You choose your own hours, you are your own boss.

If you appoint other associates to sell the book, your income will mushroom and you will get commission on sales generated by the associates you recruited.

If you appoint five associates and each associate generates sales similar to yours, you will receive income of an additional $400 per week.

In turn, if the associates you recruited appoint five associates each. Your commission will be boosted by an additional $1,000 per week. In other words, you will receive a total of $1,000 + 400 + $760 = $2,160 a week by working part time. You can receive the passive income generated by the associates that you recruit whether you work or not.

There is More: An average of 10% of my readers after purchasing the book subscribe to a monthly newsletter or a Direct Marketing Export-Import course.  You receive 33.3% commission on subscriptions generated by your customers. You don't even have to sell the subscriptions direct. This figure amounts to an additional $440 a week. This boosts your commission to a staggering $2,560 a week. Commission checks are paid weekly either directly to your bank account or by mail to your address.

I know of no other business that requires no cash outlay yet offers huge potential for success as the Financial Independence Commonwealth Associate Program.  Once you are established as an Associate, you can also introduce to your clients a host of other financial services offered by our company. This will boost your income even further. The potential is here for you to earn in a month what most people earn in a year.

This program requires dedication and persistence. If you set your goal to be successful, you will succeed. If you are prepared to dedicate a portion of your time to this program, you will in a relatively short period achieve your goals.

You can start in your spare time, no need to quit your present job and when your business pays off switch to full time.

You are in the fortunate position to be in the front line if you join the associate program now. As a front line associate you are afforded certain privileges not given to other associates, such as higher commission structure and credit privileges.



This program allows you to sell Financial Independence to stores, bookstores, convenience stores, new stands, etc... You can sell minimum 6 copies for each store. The retail price is $19 per copy. The store gets each book for $9.50, your commission is $4.75 per copy, so you make $28.50 per sale. If you distribute to 10 stores a day you make $285 a day. There is no need for you to carry stock, you simply send us signed orders from the store, we ship them and invoice the stores. Your commission is paid after we receive payment from the stores. You can always deliver the books to the stores yourself and collect t payment and your commission will be paid immediately.

If the distributors you appoint sell to the stores, the same network commission applies as to the direct selling program. You can sell to both consumers and retailers if you wish or sell only to consumers or to retailers. Whatever you do, the choice is yours and your commission will be calculated appropriately. 



In this program we offer you each copy of Financial Independence for a low $4.75. You can choose to sell them directly to your consumer clients for $19 or to retailers for$9.50. This way you will earn bigger commission and you will be in control. You can choose how much to sell the book for, you are not restricted to selling it for $19 to to consumers or $4.50 to retailers.

To take advantage of the Wholesale marketing Program, you must buy a minimum of one shipping carton containing 66 copies.



If you have your own web site, why not put a link to our web site and earn 50% commission on sales generated from you (except PrePaid Legal). There is a separate plan for PrePaid Leegal. Commission on sales generated through your web site is paid weekly every Friday. It is very simple to join the Webmasters Program, simply place a link on your web site to our web site. The URL address of our web site is Complete the registration procedures and you can earn instant cash.



Joining our Commonwealth Program and our Webmasters Program is free. Simply complete the online application and we will send you the membership kit for the Commonwealth Associate Program. The Webmasters Program simply requires the online registration. The Commonwealth Associate Program and the Webmasters Program are available worldwide.


For any questions, please contact Eddie Solomon (972) 769-9647 or email