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" In the twenty months since I read your publication and completed your course I started my own business, we now turn over $3 Million per year from nearly nothing. We have just opened a branch in Canada. You helped me so much, so quick it is unbelievable" Brian Vary

" I was very desperate and depressed and bored with my life, I considered myself a failure. Now thanks to you I can succeed in life and achieve something, I continue to recommend your book to my friends, the best book I have ever read, the best investment I've made.." S Zdruvkovic

" A little gem of pecuniary wisdom" Christopher Rigby

" Myself and my family formed our own Banking Corporation as a direct result of studying your book. All the brilliant philosophy of your writing was followed by me and even my children are applying your rules and information in their lives." Dr Hans Jost

I have helped thousands of people achieve their goals and become totally financially independent. My book "Financial Independence" is only the beginning. Every now and then, there are changes in the taxation laws, real estate laws, investments trends etc Furthermore, an increasing number of my readers are asking for more detailed information about various forms of investments and money making generally. With this in mind, I now publish a newsletter entitled :The Eddie Solomon Report". My newsletter is packed with new and updated reports on investments and money making ideas.

My newsletter is designed to take you step by step to Financial Freedom. It is no ordinary financial newsletter. It is a complete course in achieving Financial Independence; a path you can follow in today's financial jungle.

Some of the topics covered are:
How to raise One Million Dollars Updated tax saving ideas Updated investments reports More techniques in dealing with banks and financial institutions How to legally borrow money, never repay and still maintain A1 credit rating (same techniques used by governments and large corporations) How to prosper after a financial crisis How to get out of debt without borrowing or bankruptcy How to make your assets creditor and judgment proof How to become your own lawyer How to get free grants from the government How to start from scratch- with examples - How to survive a tax audit What to do when the bank manager says NO When is the best time to borrow Making it on the Stock Market How to obtain A1 credit rating Money making ideas you can start from home with little or no capital How to kill court proceedings.  How to locate private investors for your business  How to list you business on the NASDAQ and other exchanges  How to successfully locate Venture Capital  How to form a non profit organization   And much more

Now with the record government deficit and the state of the economy, you will need to be extra careful on how to spend or invest your hard earned money. The Eddie Solomon Report will guide you step by step to Financial Independence. In good times and in bad times this report has withstood the test of time and was proven to be a path you can follow in today's financial jungle. One valuable section covered by the Report is the "Stock Alert" digest. We constantly monitor the Stock Market and we advise you on any warning signs that may wipe you out and also let you know on what companies have potential for growth. We gather all our information from data provided by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), from company reports, from insider information reported to the SEC and from Market trends. The "Stock Alert" digest can be sent to you via email or fax so you can be one step ahead of the masses because timing is the number one ingredient for success in the stock market.

In the last few years while the US market was hitting rock bottom, other emerging markets were showing double digit returns of 40% to 65% or more such as Thailand, Indonesia, Russia etc... The report will inform you on all these successful investment strategies.

Everything covered in my reports is 100% legal, moral and ethical. I will give you confidential information that you can apply and follow step by step. This information is known only to an exclusive minority and I now invite you to become a member of that exclusive club and subscribe to my newsletter. Everything in the Eddie Solomon Report has been tried and tested . I have actually done it myself and I am now passing 25 years of valuable experience on to you. The subscription price is only a fraction of a consultation fee for less than an hour that you would expect to pay a professional. You may not even get what you want from professionals as they have studied how to do it, but they haven't actually done it themselves. You will get one million dollars worth of information for $135. That's what I call a good investment.

Subscription rates to "The Eddie Solomon Report" :

12 issues  $135
24 issues  $250 (save $20)
36 issues  $350  (save $55)
Lifetime subscription $1,060 ( save $100's)

I am certain that the majority of people who read this will not act, or will try and postpone their decision. If you can't make a $135 decision, how can you be expected to make a $100,000 or a One Million Dollar decision? Make a decision NOW. Later may be too late. You wouldn't want to miss one single good idea that could speed up the journey to Financial Independence. I am trying to motivate you so I can make money for myself and help you to achieve your goals as well.  This is what free enterprise is all about.

If you liked my book "Financial Independence" you will be delighted with the Eddie Solomon Report. It contains more up to date information to always keep you one step ahead.

I am Legally Blind and I am telling you, if I can do it, so can you! I have achieved in just a few years what others will not achieve in a lifetime. Part of the proceeds of your subscription go towards helping Blind and Disabled people obtain employment. With 74% of Blind people unemployed, you are not just helping yourself achieve Financial Independence, but also you are helping others.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with my newsletter or wish to discontinue your subscription, simply drop me a line and I will promptly and cheerfully send a refund on all un-mailed copies.
Your subscription can be made by mail, fax, PayPal, email or telephone. Simply give your name, address and payment details. You can pay by Check, Money Order, Credit Card. If paying by Credit Card please give your Credit Card number and expiration date.

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