Eddie Solomon is an internationally acclaimed financial writer, author of several best sellers. Eddie runs successful businesses in various countries. Eddie studied Electrical Engineering, Economics, Science and French at various Universities. Eddie underwent all these studies not to otain qualification but rather to augment his knowledge.

Eddie started his business more than 25 years ago with $200 that he borrowed. In his publications, Eddie will show yu the very same methods that helped him achieve success. The publications are written in a clear easy to understand language and the directions are easy to follow. Every single method describedin the publications has been tried and rested by Eddie personally.

In his publications, Eddie will give you his valuable business experience extending over a quarter of a century. By following Eddie's advise you will avoid the pitfalls that can wipe you out.

An increasing number of Eddie's readers have already achieved Millionaire status relying solely on information supplied in his publications.  To achieve success you have to read Eddie Solomon's publications carefully and apply his methods .

You are invited to become a member of Eddie Solomon's exclusive club  of successful men and women and subscribe to his various publications

Eddie Solomon is Legally Blind and he is telling you "If I can do it, so can you!" Part of the proceeds of the sale of Eddie's publications go towards helping Blind and Disabled people obtain employment.

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