------Topics include:

·      The Stock Market -Income tax
·      Home Based Money making businesses
·      Export & Import and how to buy luxury
       goods for your own use below wholesale
·      How to get free government grants
·      Mail Order -  Direct Marketing
·     Multi Level Network Marketing
·     Tax Havens and how to legally receive tax
       free income  - Asset Protection
·      How to borrow at 3% p a from overseas
·      How to locate private lenders to finance
      your business
·      Big Brother is watching; new techniques in
       outsmarting Big Brother
·      The New World Order; the collapse of our
       existing financial system and how to
       protect yourself
·     The re-surfacing of the Y2K computer virus after 2001
·      How to raise One Million Dollars
·      How to raise $60,000 in 24 hours using
      your signature as collateral
·      How to legally obtain foreign citizenship's
      and passports
·      How to buy income producing real estate
      without down payment
·      How to buy and sell real estate without a
       lawyer or real estate agent
·      How to make your own will without a
       lawyer and save $500
·      How to form your own company and
       become managing director overnight
·      How to form your tax haven corporation
       without an agent and save $800
·       How to form your own family trust and
       your own tax deductible retirement fund     
      without a lawyer and save thousands
·      How to obtain A1 credit rating - What to
       do when the bank manager says NO 
·      How to get out of debt without borrowing
       or bankruptcy
·      The Eddie Solomon guide to the laws of
       the jungle and how to protect yourself
       against unfair law suits
·       Investing in Rare Coins and Precious
·      The 12 secrets of success
·      How to master the art of living, turn your
       dreams into reality and be successful in
       every thing you  do
·      The Internet as a powerful money making
       business tool
·      Reliance on God the best ingredient for
·      And much more ....

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