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In this unique book, you will learn how to establish your own private offshore bank. The same techniques are used by giant multi national corporations and pay hundreds of thousand of dollars to lawyers and accountants to obtain the same information contained in this book. For a relatively small amount you can have your own tax free bank, you can raise unlimited amounts of money, accept deposits, make loans, issue letters of credits, establish a network of correspondent banks around the world, issue your own checks and credit cards, run a profitable business or use it as an in house operation.

The book also contains other helpful financial tips to take you step by step to Financial Independence. The techniques described in the book can work for large corporations and for a one person business alike. The offshore banking business is 100% legal. As a matter of fact most US banks and large corporations have licenses to conduct offshore banking. This is a legitimate way to reduce taxes. The government encourages large corporations to legitimately pay less tax. As a matter of fact a large number of Fortune 500 Corporations paid Zero income tax. The recent publicity surrounding Enron Corporation revealed that Enron and other Fortune 500 Companies have created subsidiaries in Tax Havens to help them pay Zero Income Tax. Furthermore, Enron received a Tax Refund of some $400 Million from the IRS. This technique can be used by large Corporations and a one person business alike. The total deposits in Banks in the Cayman Islands alone totals some $800 Billion which is approximately one fifths of total bank deposits in the United States. People are looking for more safe havens for their money. Furthermore, local US banks offer no privacy and you can have your assets frozen or confiscated if the bank clerk suspects that you are engaged in "suspect" transactions. This trend of freezing bank accounts is on the rise. 

Financial security and independence are important to all of us, but it seems that most of us are too busy making a living to think about making money. Furthermore, professional planners have studied how to do it but they failed to actually do it themselves. Of all the schools, universities or colleges around the world, there is none that I can think of that offer courses in money making. There are courses that will help you get a job or a trade but no courses on how to get rich. With only 168 hours in a week it is physically impossible for the guy who earns 10 times more than you to be working 10 times harder than you. Learn how to start from scratch and build your wealth gradually.

Financial worries are a nightmare, you owe it to yourself, your family and your
community to be successful. We have on our records hundreds of unsolicited letters from individuals just like yourself who achieved millionaire status relying solely on information supplied by Eddie Solomon.

Eddie has run several successful international  businesses in the United States and overseas and he will teach you the same methods he used to achieve wealth and independence, and how to negotiate the many potholes en route. Eddie studied Economics, Engineering and science at various  Universities. Eddie underwent his studies not to obtain qualifications but simply to increase his knowledge.

Say goodbye to poverty and enjoy the lifestyle you are destined for.

This is the long awaited 6th Edition totally updated and revised. This book has become the authority on money making and finance. It is written in a simple easy to read, easy to understand language. No wonder more than 120,000 copies have been sold.  It contains more than 500 pages of confidential information known only to a few successful operators. It contains more information than you will ever use. Yet each method in the book has been tested and tried.

You are invited to become part of an exclusive club of successful men and women. The reason why only a small percentage ever accumulate wealth is not because of their education or IQ but rather because wealthy people are decisive. Procrastination is the thief of time and money as well. Make a decision now, later may never come.

Prepaid and Online Orders are shipped the same day. Trial Orders are subject to approval and shipped within four wees. All foreign orders must be prepaid in US funds. You can pay online with a Credit Card or use PayPal''s secure online payment. The cost of book including shipping is $34.00. 

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